A Million Moons above the Sea

A Poem

Sri Krishna

Gaur Hari, (the Golden Lord) is Lord Krishna as he appeared in this world a second time, but this time his bodily complexion like molten gold. His advent, 500 years ago, along with an expansion of his own self known as his companion Nitai Prabhu (Lord Nitai), was like the sun and moon rising together on the eastern horizon.

Ganga is the Bengali name for the Ganges.
Ar’ti (or arati) is a ceremony where the Lord is worshiped with auspicious items, starting with incense and camphor.

Note: On a mobile phone, this poem is best viewed by holding the phone sideways.

Mother Ganga: Pilgrims bathing in the Ganges in Mayapur, India (photo: Umapati Swami)


The Wondrous Sight

All glories to the wondrous sight
The ar’ti of Sri Gaur Hari,
A joy for all eternity
On Mother Ganga’s banks tonight.

With Nitai Prabhu on his right
The Lord sits ’neath a canopy.
All glories to the wondrous sight
The ar’ti of Sri Gaur Hari.

The Lord’s sweet face is shining bright.
A million moons above the sea
With brilliant luminosity
Would not defeat his radiant light.
All glories to the wondrous sight
The ar’ti of Sri Gaur Hari.

Eternally touching my head to the floor at the lotus feet of my spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada,
⁓Umapati Swami, November 7, 2019

Photo top: Naughty Krishna holding a piece of candy (Jishnu Das)

© 2019 Umapati Swami

Srila Prabhupada

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is the teacher who brought Krishna Consciousness from India to the West and then to the rest of the world. He is the founder of  the worldwide Hare Krishna Movement as well as the author and compiler of many works of Vedic knowledge. He left this world in 1977.

Umapati Swami

One of the first American devotees of the Hare Krishna Movement, he became Srila Prabhupada’s disciple in 1966. Since then, he has preached Krishna Consciousness in many countries and is the author of “My Days with Prabhupada,” available from Amazon. Now 84 years old, he has started this blog to share what he has learned.

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