A Song for the Little Fly

A Poem

Back home: A wild parrot in Mayapur, India. The poem is about a fly, but I thought this pretty little bird would be nicer to look at than some awful bug. I’ve never heard one of these parrots talk, but people say they can be taught to. (photo: Umapati Swami)

Why I wrote it

Some years ago a godbrother  challenged me to write a sonnet. I  thought  for a while and then decided to write about an encounter I had had with a fly  that afternoon.

Note: On a mobile phone, this poem is best viewed by holding the phone sideways.

Poor Little Fly

Poor little fly upon my window pane,
I’ll try to help you find your way outside.
Your efforts to be free go all in vain
Although I’ve opened up my window wide.

It must be nature’s law that’s locked you in.
Your karma makes you land on solid glass.
For though we  both may try, we cannot win.
The truth I’ve read in scripture comes to pass.

Does not this world confine us to our role?
What use to toil and strive for worldly gain?
Man does no  more his destiny control
Than this poor fly upon my window pane.

The road to freedom lies another way.
Chant Hare Krishna, go back home, and stay.

⁓Umapati Swami, December 10, 2018

Write to me: hoswami@yahoo.com

© 2018 Umapati Swami

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